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I’ve been told that, though I’m only 4’9”, my story about my “Jewitnamese” life is immense—so I’m now sharing my story, SOLES of a SURVIVOR with you. Several anthologies have profiled my harrowing journey as a child refugee who went on to live the American Dream. The world desperately needs more stories about tolerance, unity, and how to work together for a common good. My book was published by Skyhorse Publishing, distributed by Simon & Schuster in May 2021. They've published 52 New York Times bestsellers, and they were named by Publishers Weekly as the fastest-growing small publisher in America.

The soles of my feet still bear the scars of my horrific escape from Vietnam—where I trudged through the jungles of Cambodia as a child with a group of strangers seeking the land of opportunity: America. My only possessions at the time were two pieces of clothing and a heart filled with hope.

My story isn’t just another inspirational survival story, however. It’s about the lessons I’ve learned about humanity, diversity, and unconditional love since arriving in the United States. After I met my Jewish beau, we married and I now have a deeper appreciation for the parallels between the Jewish and Vietnamese cultures, and others.

This website is an invitation, from my heart to yours.

I’m filled with gratitude for all I’ve been fortunate to accomplish and become in this great country. I hope my memoir, Soles of a Survivor inspires and empowers you. And I hope that, like me, through your challenges, you, too, will find healing and joy.

There is light at the end of every tunnel.

SOLES of a SURVIVOR is available on all major websites and bookstores.

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